CajunTex Hickory-Smoked Medium Salsa Picante

Well, well, well…. Stop the presses. I’m VERY critical of salsas for many reasons. CajunTex Hickory-Smoked Salsa Picante is not one of them!

IMG_0502First, I can’t stand cilantro.  Typically when I receive a product sample with cilantro in it, I give it away.  I’m one of the few people who have the “cilantro gene.”  There is actually a genetic study which concludes that a percentage of the human population actually believes cilantro tastes like soap.  Even the slightest cilantro typically causes a big reaction in my mouth, and it is not a good one.

Despite having cilantro though, this salsa is fantastic.  I can’t taste the cilantro.

Now, not tasting cilantro isn’t exactly the only way of grading a salsa.  I need some kick, and some flavor.  This salsa has some great sweetness and thickness to it.  Even better, this “medium” salsa has a heck of a kick.  I can’t wait to try the hot version.

Finally, a portion of the profits from sales of this salsa go to support our nation’s veterans.

Winner all around.