Red Snapper Hot Sauce

DSC02491I have a special hot sauce I love, but in an emergency situation tonight I was out of it.  The enchiladas I made were great, but needed a big kick in the gut with some head and a little extra flavor.  I turned to my backlog of products to review and came across the Red Snapper sauces.  I have a mild, medium and hot version.  The problem with these is that the suggested use on the label is for meats, oysters, fish, soups.  Nowhere does it say mehican.

What the hell.  I need something.  I tried of course the HOT one first.  First I took a small taste because I didn’t want a “fishy” flavor to ruin my enchiladas (with mexi rice).  I was impressed with the heat, not whimpy heat.  Real heat.  There was some good flavor too, so on the enchiladas the sauce went, about a 1/4 a bottle.

I kept telling my lovely bride how much my dinner kicked ass.  The Red Snapper Sauce, though it has a fish on the label, was awesome on cheese enchiladas and mexican rice.

This one is a gamer.