Florida Gold Hot Sauce

Florida Gold Hot Sauce

Florida Gold Hot Sauce

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a connoisseur of hot sauce. I must have 25 bottles of random hot sauce at home at any given time. My most recent devouring was of Florida Gold‘s “Original American” and “Salsa Picante Latin Flavor” premium habanero sauces.

Typically I don’t mind habanero based sauces but prefer the taste of other peppers like jalapenos because they’re a bit sweeter.  Most habanero sauces I’ve tried have the same dark taste with mega heat and it is hard to tell them apart.  Florida Gold’s sauces do not fall into that category.  They have great and unique flavor, as well as the heat which you expect from habaneros.

I sampled two of the three flavors Florida Gold offers.   My favorite was the Salsa Picante Latin because it was a bit more fun and flavorful but both sauces were excellent.  It took me only two days to polish off both bottles between having them with tortilla chips, tacos and burritos.


Loved the sauce, but the Florida Gold web site needs a major overhaul.


Hot sauce isn’t all about heat.  If it was just about heat, I’d just hit my taste buds with a blow torch.  Florida Gold’s sauces bring heat, but have a unique and fun flavor which makes them stand out over other habanero sauces.