BBQ Brothers HOG Sauce

I’ve got so much BBQ sauce in the review queue that I could be eating BBQ every day for the next year.  I’m busting it out though!  Someone has to do it.

BBQ Brothers HOG BBQ Sauce

BBQ Brothers makes a bunch of tasty BBQ sauces with the HOG (a pig) logo.

BBQ Brothers HOG Sauce

BBQ Brothers HOG Sauce

I had the pleasure of trying out “Sweet HOG,” “Golden HOG” and “Burning HOG.”  Anyone who knows me would guess that my favorite was “Burning HOG” and that is correct.

I made a killer batch of BBQ chicken (pictured above) in my oven with the Burning HOG.  It was awesome.

Other BBQ Brothers Products

BBQ Brothers also makes a habanero garlic hot sauce which I’d love to try, as well as a HOG rub for treating meats before they’re cooked.