Granny Carol’s Yummie Crunch

Granny Carol's Yummie Crunch

Granny Carol's Yummie Crunch

This snack, Granny Carol’s Yummie Crunch, was so good that I nearly ate myself into the hospital.  Seriously…

Though they don’t look like I’d like them because of the peanuts, I chowed ’em down like I hadn’t eaten a meal in weeks.


The combination of tastes in Yummie Crunch is uncommon, and works surprisingly well.  The core items are yogurt, peanuts and cranberry.  Add that to “Yummie Crunch Squares” and you have a recipe for enjoyment.

I get a lot of snack samples to review and there isn’t one I’ve eaten so fast.  Granny Carol’s Yummie Crunch is exactly as advertised, crunchy and yummy.