The Philadelphian – Sandy, Utah


Kick ass Philly Cheese Steak in Utah? Yup!

The Philadelphian is a sandwich shop on 700 East and 9860 South in Sandy, Utah. I hadn’t eaten there in years, but stopped by there a couple of nights ago for a Philly cheesesteak sandwich.


The Philadelphian has many Philly favorites, steak sandwiches etc. The sandwiches are HUGE and mega tasty, earning the MegaChomp chomp of approval. The sandwiches are loaded with great ingredients. Don”t bother going to this place if you are on a diet.

My regular sandwich of choice, which I can only eat a few times a year because it takes that long to recover from it, is the “Philadelphian” which is pictured. Having forgotten how big the sandwiches are, I ordered a “medium” size and could only realistically eat 1/3 of it. Love how the thing has piles of mushrooms, peppers, cheese and mayo.

The fries at the Philly are amazingly greasy and good. In fact, they”re so greasy that the grease literally drips off them.


If you go to the Philadelphian, be ready to be unimpressed with the place. It is a dump. There”s junk piled on shelves in the back, the tables are trashed and the chairs are a mismatch of brands and styles which look like they came from a thrift store.

Bring a gas mask too if you go there during lunch hour. There”s so much grease in the air that it steams up the windows and coats your lungs. I”ve seriously had coughing episodes after leaving there.

All that said, the sandwiches are so good, it is worth it.


9860 S 700 E # 13
Sandy, UT 84070-3915
(801) 572-3663