Sizzling Big Daddy’s Seasoning For All Things

Big Daddy's SeasoningThe weather has finally turned just enough to uncover the barbeque and start cookin’ outside.  I had some nice steaks the other night with the family and we treated them with “Sizzling Big Daddy’s Seasoning For All Things.”

Big Daddy’s seasoning was terrific on the steaks with a unique flavor which added to the enjoyment but didn’t overpower or take away from the flavor of the meat.  I’ve used this seasoning on burgers, chicken and even veggie patties too with great results.

Ingredients include onions, garlic, lemon, sugar, corn starch, paprika, papain and citric acid.  I really like the lemon and paprika.  An ingredient I’m glad to say is not in Big Daddy’s, is MSG.

You can find Big Daddy’s through their distributor Salley’s Seasoning.