Iguana Special Blend Habanero Hot Sauce

Iguana Special Blend Habanero Hot Sauce

Iguana Special Blend Habanero Hot Sauce

I’m a hot sauce snob.  I’ve tried hundreds of hot sauces.  The latest I’ve tried is Half Moon Bay Trading Co‘s Iguana Special Blend Habanero Hot Sauce.  Say that 10x real fast…

About Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay imports sauces from Costa Rica and their sauces are made from all natural ingredients.  They use no artificial colors either.  Nice.


Habanero chiles are HOT.  They’re way hotter than jalapenos.  Habeneros tend to have a little darker flavor than jalapenos as well.

When I taste habanero hot sauces many taste all to similar, as the chile overpowers the rest of the ingredients.  This isn’t the case with the Iguana Special Blend.  The hab balances well with the other ingredients for an enjoyable taste.

Pretty darn hot?

The label on the Iguana Special Blend says “pretty darn not” but I beg to differ.  This sauce has a kick, but isn’t what I’d call “hot.”  Now bear in mind that I like it so hot that the waiter in the Mexican restaurant thinks I’m insane.  I can drink their hottest sauce like it is water.  So this sauce may be “hot” to you but it isn’t going to burn a hole in your mouth.


This blend of salsa has a very nice sweet taste.  I find it compliments everything from plain old tortilla chips to tacos to fajitas.

Half Moon’s web site is cool, well hot actually

As a web designer (for one of my other gigs) I’m often critical of companies’ web sites, or the fact that they don’t have one.  Half Mooon’s web site is COOL.  No complaints, except for the fact that I can’t find this particular blend of salsas in their list of products.