MEL’O BURGERS Los Angeles – Good food. Bad location.

At the corner of Century and Inglewood in Los Angeles, California, is a small burger shop called “Mel’O Burgers.”  I love little shops like this because the food is usually really good.  This is the case for sure at Mel’O Burgers and they don’t have just burgers.

Mel'O BurgersMel’O Burgers has a full Mexican food menu, breakfast items, shakes and many other selections.

Try it, if you dare

One problem with Mel’O Burgers is the location.  This is a pretty scary area of town.  When I was there, an obvious drug dealer who was working out of a motor home was parked in the parking lot.  Cops drove by and he and his accomplices ducked for cover.  I watched several “deals” go down while waiting for my food.  I also had to deal with a homeless guy harassing my family.

Good food. Bad location!