Curt’s BBQ Sauce

I’m busting out BBQ sauce reviews like a BBQ sauce maniac.  Today’s review is of Curt’s BBQ Sauce.

I had the opportunity to get a group of about 15 people to sample Curt’s BBQ sauce in the medium and mild versions at a college football tailgate last weekend.  The menu selection was pulled pork sandwiches, and I provided the two sauces for the tailgaters.

The general consensus was that they liked the sweetness of the mild the best, but liked the medium too.  Personally, I love hot and spicy so I preferred the med over the mild.  I’d prefer a hot one that makes my eyeballs pop out and steam come out of my head, but it is tough for companies to sell products so limited in their market.

In general I enjoyed all the styles of sauce from Curt’s and would definitely put them in play again.  Based on the fact that the tailgaters consumed ALL of the sauces I brought, I’d say they liked Curt’s as well!