Tiger Teeth Pepper Fiery Hanbanero Sauce

Tiger's Teeth Hanbanero Sauce

Tiger Teeth Pepper Habanero Sauce

Had a fantastic homemade bean and cheese burrito last night. I make ’em killer. I’m big on very hot but flavorful hot sauce on my Mexican food so I was anxious to try out the Tiger Teeth Pepper Fiery Habanero Sauce when it arrived.

This hab sauce is fantastic.  It isn’t as watery as many sauces.  It is more like a salsa, nice and thick.  The flavor is very refreshing and not as dark tasting as many habanero sauces I’ve tried.

The heat of this sauce is as one would expect from habaneros, HOT.  I can take it.  Bring it on.  I thought the lovely wife wouldn’t be able to handle the heat, but she quite enjoyed the sauce, though in much smaller servings than mine.  In fact, on one burrito I polished off 1/3 of the bottle.

Heat & Flavor Without…

So this hab sauce has killer heat and great flavor.  What it doesn’t have is fat, calories, sugar, peanuts, preservatives, additives or artificial coloring.


I get a lot of hot sauces and salsas submitted here to MegaChomp.  Many are good, many not so much.  Tiger Teeth Pepper Fiery Habanero is one of the very best!  Give it a try.