Wantin’ Wantems


Wantems are chips made from wontons

I’ll admit it took me a few bites of the Wantems to get used to the flavor.  You think you’re eating a potato chip of some kind with the crunch and texture, and it is unusual to have the taste of wontons hit your taste buds!  Once my brain wrapped around the concept, I happily chomped them until they were gone.

Wantems Wonton Chips

Ever have wonton strips in an Asian restaurant?  Wantems wonton chips came about because there wasn’t an offering found in the grocery store with the same taste/concept.  Wantems come in two flavors currently, original and Asian BBQ.  My favorites are the Asian BBQ flavor.

Wantems Fusion Dip

Wantems fusion dips come in three flavors: sweet chili, Thai mango and General Tso.  I’m not a mango fan, but the lovely wife says she liked the Thai mango.  My personal favorite is the General Tso, since I’m big on spicy food.


Wantems are truly unique.  If you are sick of regular old chips, give ’em a shot.  You may find yourself wantin’ more Wantems.