Texas Toffee

This is tough. Texas Toffee sends in a bunch of toffee for me to try out and write about.  The problem is that I really dislike nuts.  Every last piece of toffee has nuts in it.

Texas ToffeeSo I have to enlist my lovely bride to try it and give me some comments.

Her comments about all of the toffees are that they are not too hard or to soft.  They have the perfect consistency and melt in your mouth.


“That was good,” is the response she gave for the Pecan Delight.  She preferred that over the Pecan Rich, which is a little more chocolate flavored.


Her reaction is the same with the Almond Delight versus the Almond Rich.  She likes the delight version better.  The chocolate taste may be competing with the toffee?

In general she likes the mild taste and texture of the Delight versus the Rich versions.


The lovely lady also is very thankful to have such an opportunity to do these tests! Myself on the other hand, have a hard time watching her have all the fun.  Someone make toffee without any kind of nuts in it!