Sweetness & Light Mooo Bar

It is a tough job, chomping on food and writing about it.  Someone has to do it though.  Today we are covering Sweetness & Light’s “Mooo Bar.”  Sweetness & Light is a company based out of Ferndale, California, “next to the post office.”

The Mooo Bar is a thick candy bar with three basic ingredients: chocolate, marshmallow and caramel filling.  At first I’d decided not to eat it, because the ingredients list had almonds in it.  Though some would say I’m nuts, I don’t like to eat them.  After the lovely wife took over the hard duty of tasting the Mooo Bar she reported to me that there were no almonds.  So I gave the Mooo Bar a shot.  Oddly there were no almonds in the bar, though their web site shows the bars FULL of almonds.  Though it looked like a manufacturing glitch, I was happy.

So So

After we both tried the Mooo Bar we weren’t terribly impressed.  In fact, we didn’t even finish the Mooo Bar.  I can’t quite put my finger on why, but the flavors weren’t up to chompability.  The marshmallow portion seemed to overpower the rest of the bar.  We ended up trying to just eat the caramel portion of the bar, as you can see in the photo below.

Sweetness & Light’s slogan is “If it tastes terrific, it is terrific.”  The Mooo Bar is not terrific.  Perhaps for almond lovers the bar would be good, if it in fact did have almonds in it.