Salsa Starter

Salsa StarterI’ve been chomping on some great salsa the last couple of days, courtesy of Salsa Starter.

Salsa Starter is essentially the core spices and kick needed for great salsa, in a little package.  All you do is add some diced tomatoes and some tomatoes with green chiles and you are rocking the chips, Mexican food and whatever else you want to put salsa on.  The flavor is excellent.


For me, I tend to like a large amount of FIRE in my salsas.  Nearly ALL salsas made are not hot enough out of the box.  So if you are like me, simply add some crushed red pepper to the final mix.  I’d add the pepper and let it sit overnight for extra kick.

You can thank me later.

One other thing…  I like my salsa thick but not chunky. So I put the whole mixture in a blender for just a few seconds.  Perfect result.