Ruth’s Fine Almond Toffee

Ruth's Fine Almond ToffeeThey say you are what you eat.  I guess that means I’m not nuts.  I can’t stand nuts.  Don’t like them in candy, ice cream or anywhere else.  So it is painful when companies send in food items for me to review which have nuts, or in this case almonds.  I simply can’t eat ’em.

Since Ruth’s Fine Almond Toffee obviously has almonds in it, I had the wife do the gig this time.  Why can’t they make toffee without any kind of nuts or almonds?  I digress.

After chomping, okay devouring the toffee my lovely lady had these comments:

  • She loved how the toffee didn’t stick in her teeth.
  • She mentioned that as a toffee lover, this is hands down the best toffee she’s ever eaten.
  • She loved how buttery the toffee was and how it melted in her mouth.
  • She loved the fact that she gets all of the toffee since I won’t eat it.

There you have it.  For toffee lovers it sounds like Ruth’s is amazing.  I tried a tiny bite since she was so excited about Ruth’s.  Didn’t fly.  Booooo!