Wide Variety Chicas Cheesy Bacon Dip

Wide Variety Chicas Cheesy Bacon DipHere’s a nice dip I tried last week.  Very easy to make (about 1 minute) and extremely tasty.  The dip was devoured within 24 hours of its creation.  Very good.  The packaging is lame so don’t judge the dip by that.  Like the saying, “don’t judge a cheesy bacon dip by it’s cover.”


I wanted to do some recon of  “Wide Variety Chicas” but the web site on the label pictured above is not running.  Server not found.  I know someone who can help them with that (me).

I found a facebook page called Wide Variety Chicas, but I don’t see any food products on there, so I’m not sure that is even them.  Wait a sec.  I scrolled down a bit and did find some mentions of dips and such so perhaps this is them!  Their photo gallery only has purses in it.

Anyway, thanks for reading my web rant for a minute.  IF you can find Wide Variety Chicas dip, try it out.