Born To Hula Cayenne Pepper Sauce

Born To HulaPictured is my first bottle of two samples I received of Born to Hula Cayenne Pepper sauce.  I’m big on hot sauces.  Love a TON of heat, but I want flavor too.  It isn’t just about heat.

This sauce is mild, as says on the description located on the side of the bottle.  Normally I’d not be terribly interested in a mild sauce but the flavor of this sauce is enough to make up for it.  The sauce is sweet and enjoyable.  The wife told me to write that this one gets an “A+” rating.  There you go.  Not hot, but still really good.

The bottle pictured is about half full.  I ate HALF a bottle just chomping on chips.  I don’t think these samples will make it through the weekend.

I see from the Born To Hula web site that they have several other sauces, ranging from mild to the “Ghost of Ancho” which is hot.  I’d love to get my chompers on some of those…