Croft Farm House Original BBQ Sauce

Recently I had the opportunity to test out THREE BBQ sauces at once.  We were tailgating for our favorite college football team here and it was my turn to make the food.  So the food choice was BBQ pork sandwiches, baked beans and coleslaw.  For the tailgate I set out three different BBQ sauces to allow the 12-15 people who were our guests to sample.  Hands down Croft Farm House BBQ sauce was the winner.  Croft has been making sauces for about 15 years and makes about 7 different BBQ and other offerings.

This sauce was a great combination of sweet and smokey.   This sauce would be great on meats and all sorts of veggies.  It was great on pork.  The tailgaters liked it because it wasn’t too spicy.  What a bunch of wimps.  I liked the sauce but would love to sample something more spicy.  That’s just how I roll.


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