Scotchwood Candy Company’s Gourmet Pumpkin Caramels

This is one of those cases of “this gig does not suck.”  The current task at hand is to evaluate some thick, gooey and delicious caramels.  I think I just did…

Scotchwood Candy Pumpkin Carmel

These caramels are by Scotchwood Candy Company.  They’re gourmet pumpkin, available only for a limited time during the holidays, October through December.   The caramels are pumpkin spiced and topped with crushed pecans.  Unfortunately I don’t do nuts or pecans, so I have to tear them in half and throw away the half with the pecans.  Booo.  But I can say that the half that I do eat is heavenly.  They’re the kind of caramels you almost just tongue instead of chewing them with your teeth.  So good!

Holiday Gift

Each caramel is individually wrapped and put into a decorative box which would make it well suited as a holiday gift.

Boxes of these gourmet caramels come in either a one pound version or an eight ounce version.  The one pound runs $15 and the eight ounce $7.50, plus shipping from the Scotchwood Candy website.