Brittle Brothers Brittles

Tough one for me.  I can’t eat peanuts.  Not allergic, just don’t like them.  I’d love it if someone made peanut brittle without the peanuts!  I guess that would simply be “brittle.”  So the lovely wife gets the tough assignment of sampling Brittle Brothers’s brittles for me.  Let’s see what her comments are.

Me: “Give me your comments on the brittle.”

Wife: “I liked it.”

Me: “Um, I need more babe…”

Wife: “It wasn’t too hard or too sweet. It melted in my mouth.  I like that they chopped it up into pieces to make it easier to eat.  I has the perfect combination of salty and sweet.  I’m glad it didn’t break my teeth.”

There you go.  Brittle Brothers sounds like a winner, for those of you who eat nuts…  I’m going nuts because I want some non nut brittle now.

About Brittle Brothers

Brittle Brothers is a Nashville based company that makes many kinds of brittle in a variety of packaging and size options.  Product offerings include brittle in bags, tins and Christmas gift formats.

Click to visit the Brittle brothers website.