Twisted Pepper Company – Texas Potato Soup Mix

I received a rather large shipment of multiple samples from Twisted Pepper recently.  Twisted Pepper makes a wide variety of mixes, rubs and seasonings. It is going to take a while to bust out all of them and put them into play, but I’m up to the task.  The first item I’m reviewing is Twisted Pepper’s Texas Potato Soup mix.

I fixed this soup a few days ago, to the letter of the instructions.  It couldn’t have been easier.  Just chop up a couple of medium potatoes, add some milk and water…

The soup turned out great.  The lovely wife and I chomped it with joy.  There was quite a bit leftover and we both had some for lunch the next day.  It was even better.  I suppose the seasonings had time to soak in more.

At $6.00, this is a great soup mix and super easy to make.  A+