Born To Hula Habanero Ancho Chili Hot Sauce

This is my 2nd review of a “Born To Hula” sauce.  The first was the Cayenne Pepper sauce, which was very tasty.  Today I’m mentioning the Habanero Ancho Chili sauce.

Born To Hula’s Habanero Ancho Chili sauce is a fantastic blend of sweet and hot.  The sweet comes from Ancho chiles, while the heat comes from habenero chiles.  I’ve completely devoured this bottle, putting the sauce on everything from chips to burritos to tacos to pizza.  I like my sauces hot and could use more heat, but most people think I’m crazy.  The wife thinks there’s the perfect amount of heat in the hab-ancho.

I devoured this bottle so fast, that I didn’t even give myself time to take a photo of it.  So I had to use the stock photo from Born To Hula.

Here’s how Born To Hula describes this sauce:

Habanero Ancho Chili Sauce (Voted best sauce at Peppers at  the Beach Tailgate Party 2012)
“Medium Heat”
Ancho chilies are the sweetest of the dried chilies. Along with ancho chilies, BTH added fresh red bell peppers, habanero peppers and spices to give it that sweet with medium heat everyone enjoys. This award winning sauce is a must have on every table.

Suggested on: Steak, Chili, Chicken, Hamburgers…

Like the bottle’s quote says, “my taste buds have done the hula” with this sauce!