2 Brothers Chipotle Salsa – Medium

2 Brothers Medium Chipotle Flavor Salsa

It has been 48 hours since I opened my first bottle of 2 Brothers Chipotle salsa.  The bottle is now empty.  Nobody else in the house had any either.  I ate the whole thing myself, in two days.

This sauce has a sweet taste, but smokey due to the chipotle.  Chopotle is a smoked chili pepper.  The sauce is not hot or spicy at all.  Usually that is a negative score for me, the lover of the hottest foods on the planet.  But this sauce is so tasty that I don’t care if it is hot.  Now, the ultimate would be a HOT version of this one!

Good At Salsa, Bad At Web Design

The 2 Brothers website is located at www.2brotherssalsa.com.  While 2 Brothers makes great salsa, their web design skills are not good.  The site loads mega slow, because they haven’t resized their images.  And most, correction, ALL of the links like product pages and contact pages are broken.  It looks like a really bad do-it-yourself job.


Web critiques aside, 2 Brothers Chipotle salsa is a definite winner.  Loved every bite and I even licked the bowl!